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Check Out the Best Dog Parks around Spartanburg

A daily walk helps keep your dogs fit and their mental health in check. Luckily, the dog parks near our apartments in Spartanburg are an excellent place for pups to let loose without the restrictions of a leash. Our favorite neighborhood dog parks include:


Located at 708 Glover Street, Jackson Park Dog Park features a large open space for your dog to run around. There are multiple trails to explore, sufficient vegetation, and even a river that your dog can jump into. Occasionally a squirrel will dart across the trails and up a tree giving your pet something to get excited about.


The pebbled walking paths at the Fletcher Parks and Recreation dog park make up one of the reasons why people love it so much. There are picnic tables and sporting fields in addition to creeks where your pups will have fun splashing around. You and your dog can even enjoy the wooded areas if you can find the time to drive to 300 Old Cane Creek Road.


A big open space, available parking, and even doggy bag/poop stations are available at Spartanburg Dog Parks. It seems this park located at 845 Union Street has everything to keep dogs comfortable. The park also includes tent awnings and picnic tables so you can rest in a nice area while your dog exercises their newfound freedom.

Along with regular outings to these leash-free dog parks, take care of your dog’s health with regular checkups with Spartanburg vets. Contact us today and learn about our pet-friendly apartments in Spartanburg, SC.

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